UNE Business Tutoring Terms and Conditions

By taking this course the person has agreed to this Confidentiality Declaration.

This Confidential Information is given in the strictest confidence and it is for your knowledge only and it is not to be disclosed by you to any third party. Confidential information refers to data and information with respect to relevant course information owned by UNE Business Tutoring, whether in written or other forms including but not limited to:

  1. Course curriculum
  2. Teaching material
  3. Text book
  4. Online resources

Whoever violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to Australian Copyright Act 1968. The person will be responsible for breaching the agreement legally or financially according to the following compensation terms:

  1. All services agreement between party A and the person ceases unconditionally as the Confidentiality Agreement has been breached;
  2. Any offence may be fined up to 120 penalty units or imprisoned for up to 2 years or both. The amount of a penalty unit is set out in section 4AA of the Crimes Act 1914;
  3. Public apology in written form may be required;
  4. Further legal action may be taken if the above demand(s) is not met.

All Rights Reserved by UNE Tutoring

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